Building With... Not For

John E. Moss
Federal Building


Centerre completed an interior remodel and window replacement on the John E. Moss Federal Building, an eight-story 250,000 sf federal office building located in Sacramento, CA. The scope of work included the removal and replacement of over 6,000 windows, asbestos abatement, installation of a new decorative canopy, installation of blast proof curtainwall systems, installation of new roof davits and pained louvers, installation of a new vestibule, and interior renovations to an occupied and functioning federal high-rise office building.

Adhering to the schedule on this project was challenging due to the complexity of the work, work hours, weather, and differing site conditions. To maintain safety in the occupied facility, communication with the tenants was critical. Barricades were set up nightly to make sure there was no “on ground” access below the swing stages. Site-specific safety meetings were held weekly with all trade crew members, project managers, and a tenant representative from the building. Signs were posted on every floor including at all elevators, stairways, door exits and entrances of the building to allow the tenants to always be informed of the “work area” for that day. With the help from the building tenant, informative graphics showing construction progress along with e-mail memos sent to the 1,000 tenants kept everyone abreast of the regular changes and fluctuations of the construction access to the building.



U.S. General Services Administration


250,000 sf


Façade Upgrade
Office Modernization


Sacramento, CA


$6.3 million


MCG Architects