Building With... Not For

Denver Federal Center

Building 67 Modernization


This project was a renovation to an existing 14-story/365,000 sf high-rise building at the Denver Federal Center. The major elements of the project included the removal of an existing pre-cast concrete sunshades, restoration and repair of the existing exterior concrete, replacement of all exterior storefronts and curtain wall, and interior renovations on all 14 floors. The work also included seismic upgrades for the suspended ceiling and reinforcement of existing CMU stairway walls. The building remained fully operational during construction.

To meet the project requirements and provide the least amount of disruption to the building tenants, Centerre performed 90% of the work at night, operating from eight lamp-lit swing stages suspended from the building’s roof. The building was four equal sides made of poured-in-place, exposed aggregate concrete. The original windows, set deeply into the façade, showed all the effects of 30 years of weathering, as did parts of the concrete skin. The concrete sunshades were unsafe and deteriorating beyond repair. The exterior concrete skin of the building was also heavily weathered in numerous locations resulting in concrete spalling and falling to the ground. Over 1,500 storefront windows on floors 3 – 14 were replaced along with over 7,000 sf of curtainwall on the first floor and lobby level. Suspended ceilings were reinforced in exit paths on each level of the 14-story building, which required the work to take place in each of the floors’ respective restrooms. The GSA asked Centerre to keep the restrooms open during construction making this aspect of the project more challenging. Centerre Construction removed all wall tile, cut into the ceilings and walls, reinforced the concrete masonry, patched the walls and ceilings, and installed new tile at night. The site was then cleaned up to be ready for work the next day.



General Services Administration


365,000 sf / 14 story


Façade Upgrade
Office Modernization


Lakewood, CO


$6.7 million


Lantz-Boggio Architects, P.C.